Jeremy Keeley

Jeremy was talking to Mark Thompson

Who is Jeremy?

Jeremy is a facilitator and executive coach with particular expertise in leadership development, leading collaborative change and team-building. He has been independent since 1995 with clients across the wide spectrum of organisational life and sectors, including blue chip, SME, charity, start-up and public service. He loves helping individuals and teams build self-sufficiency and genuine resilience and enhance their self-awareness, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, relational and leadership skills, and their ability to hold constructive conversations and learn together. 

He has often worked with cross-cultural groups where English is their common (but not first) language and worked in many countries across the world.  Jeremy co-founded the developmental community Sadler Heath in 1999 and runs that with a group of powerful moderators.  He considers himself to be incredibly lucky, is a husband and father of 3 grown up children, a keen gardener and vegetable grower and absolutely loves the work he does.

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Colin Hall
Colin Hall
2 years ago

I watched and listened more carefully than sometimes i do! I found Jeremy authentic and very inspiring. I want to meet him and explore what we could do together.