Holos helps you create the kind of leadership and culture that leads to sustained success in a disrupted environment.

We work with leadership to create and sustain cultural transformation. We diagnose, co-create, design, adapt, coach, train, facilitate, inspire, challenge, iterate, nudge and measure.

When is Holos right for you?

  • Crisis

    Failures, cheats, compliance challenges and disasters, where people knew what was going wrong but were unable to raise concerns effectively.

    Attribution: Shealah Craighead / Public domain

  • Disruption

    New competitors or regulations challenging your business model or nibbling away at your most profitable markets.

    Attribution: Steve Jurvetson / Steve Jurvetson / CC BY

  • Systemic Transformation

    Business model reinvention requiring a cultural and leadership step-change.

    Attribution: Seattle City Council from Seattle

  • Sustainability

    Making any change stick and be sustainable at all levels in the organisation.

    Addressing the climate emergency.

    Attribution: European Parliament / CC BY

Where do we start?

The four most common start points are:

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Understanding Megatrends

Does everyone in your organisation sufficiently understand the forces changing our world and your business?

Are your leaders ready to lead in a whole new way?

Inspiring talks for large groups on the megatrends that are reshaping every aspect of society and business. Sharing the post-conventional leadership approaches that work in a disrupted world.

The talk Neil provided framed our workshop in a much wider context. Global trends in demographics as well as technological and environmental changes have a silent but huge impact on what we do, both at organizational and at individual level. Neil’s talk provided a refreshing outside in view, challenging all participants in our beliefs.

Niels Toussant
Director Procurement – Astellas
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Direction Setting

Are all of your stakeholders inspired by your vision?
Are all of your team passionate about your purpose?
Is everyone clear on their mission?
Does everyone embody the habits that will create and curate the culture that will led to sustained success?
Do all of your systems align to your cause?

Holos helps leaders clarify where they are going and why, how they are going to get there and how everyone needs to behave to make it happen.

It’s been an incredible change in our business. The whole leadership team is charged up, focused, aligned and most importantly…. happy. I cannot thank Holos enough for what they have done.

Jonny Tooze
Founder & CEO – Lab Group LtD
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Leadership and Culture Development

Are your leaders adept at creating psychological safety?
How comfortable do your leaders feel with vulnerability?
How well do your leaders operate in the post-conventional reality?

Our exceptional coaches and facilitators, working with a range of established tools as well as our own suite of post-conventional leadership and team assessments, help senior executives and executive teams transform themselves.

In less than a year Holos have helped us to transform our executives from managers focused on reliability to leaders able to deliver transformation whilst continuing to deliver reliability

Fadel al Faraj
MD – Q8 NW Europe

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Transformation Fitness

Do you feel OK?

How stressed are you and your team?

Authentic and transformational leadership are the key skills we teach. However to create sustained success we also emotional and psychological literacy for leaders to understand themselves and colleagues at a deep level as well as responses to overwhelm, climate grief and ambiguity.

The workshops that Holos skilfully facilitated focused on building the skill and will of leaders to intentionally build trust, through constructively challenging upwards, managing emotions, authenticity and vulnerability. In a global, matrix organisation, going through significant change, this capability is essential.

Kasey Brown

Who Do We Do It for?

We diagnose, co-create, design, adapt, coach, train, facilitate, inspire, challenge, iterate, nudge and measure.

Companies in Crisis

Company crises are caused and cured by culture. Holos helps leadership guide organisations towards adaptability so you never have to face crisis again.

Companies in Disruption

Through paying attention to culture and leadership we can help you articulate your cause and create the conditions for sustained success.

Teams and Team Leaders

Whether the team is just starting out, struggling or reaching for the next level, we help you achieve your goals and vision and create high trust relationships with other teams.


Know yourself and be it skilfully and confidently in all situations and develop razor-sharp, purpose-driven decision-making at any level of your career.

Coaches and Facilitators

We deliver our work through a growing community of 160 partner level coaches and facilitators worldwide. Join us to learn and collaborate with great people and clients.

Clients we are helping transform

Holos is working with energy clients on a post-oil future, tobacco on a post-smoke future, and healthcare to embrace digital and adapt to ageing. We are helping a social media company to be more trusted and a universal bank to be more digital.

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