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True business transformation happens not when we change a process, but when we change our daily habits. Holos has helped tens of thousands of people to change their habits, level up their skills, improve their decision making and increase the courage they bring to working together. Our methods blend listening, facilitation, coaching and teaching. We are provocative, We are supportive. We are experienced. We are effective. We are global.

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Holos means whole. We deliver leadership and cultural change across your whole organisation. The four most common start points are:
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Understanding context is critical to getting ahead of disruption. The Holos Megatrends approach and Keynote helps you explore how to employ the right kind of leadership for the future.
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No journey can be completed without understanding the destination. The Holos visioning process helps you articulate, deliver and embody your inspiring cause.
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The biggest lever you have to improving performance is culture. We help align your habits and behaviours to the transformation that delivers your vision.
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The biggest lever you have on culture is leadership. Adaptable cultures require authentic leadership. We help your leaders to be the best authentic leaders they can be.
Evolve your self-awareness into confidence and develop razor-sharp, purpose-driven decision-making at any level of your career.
Teams and Team Leaders
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Companies in Disruption
Companies in Crisis
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Holos is working with energy clients on a post-oil future, tobacco on a post-smoke future, and healthcare to embrace digital and adapt to ageing. We are helping banks and digital companies to perform reliably in a self-disrupted landscape.
We knew we needed new skills but had to find the right partner to help us; who would be insightful but not teach, influential but not take over, practical but not run-of-the-mill. As well as being great guys who made the work fun and rewarding, in Holos we found a highly professional partner that is all of the things we were looking for. In less than a year Holos have helped us to transform our executives from managers focused on reliability to leaders able to deliver transformation whilst continuing to deliver reliability.
Fadel AlFaraj - Managing Director
I would recommend Holos as innovative and thought-leading consultants who make an impact. They understand and approach issues systemically, deliver high quality solutions, have gravitas, and challenge and delight in equal measure. The virtual nature of Holos also means they have high quality faculty so they can scale programmes at pace. Working with Holos has been a key part of shifting our culture.
Kasey Brown - Culture and Engagement Lead
Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd
Holos coaches changed us both personally and how we operate the business as a leadership team. Through the one-to-one coaching with Holos, all the leaders at LAB have gone on a journey of self-discovery and uncovered and resolved key issues. It’s been an incredible change in our business. The whole leadership team is charged up, focused, aligned and most importantly…. happy. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done.
Jonny Tooze - Founder & MD
Lab Lateral Ltd
The breadth of knowledge and experience that sits in the HOLOS faculty is amazing and was highly resourceful to us as our vast O&G business was encountering several leadership culture transitions. I have now worked with Holos over the past 3 years on a wide array of projects and I have been impressed with each and every project we manage to complete.
Senior HR Analyst
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
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Stealing from the future…and how you can stop it
By Neil Crofts and Mark Thompson
“Stealing from the future …and how you can stop it” is a book for our time. Many stressors are blinking the hot, red light of crisis in our global culture. In Stealing from the Future, Neil Crofts and Mark Thompson suggest the world is not in crisis, but leadership. Alongside an examination of the context of constant change, the book suggests powerful new ways to engage with the linked subjects of leadership, culture and change in organisations, and the need to shift our shared motivations from individual status to shared purpose.
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