Neil is a transformational coach, author, business consultant and keynote speaker who has inspired and motivated hundreds of organisations, and thousands of individuals to reach their highest potential. Neil has written four published books and numerous ebooks.

He helps clients to become outstanding visionary and inspiring leaders who can deliver transformation and sustained success even in a time of disruption. Neil has a particular fascination with the future and how leaders influence it. He helps business leaders to explore the future of their market and the role they want to play in it and then helps them to articulate the vision and create the approaches and culture to enable it to happen.

In his talk on Megatrends & Leadership, Neil discusses disruptions to businesses based on the 6 megatrends that are taking place in the world today. He also explores disruptions to business as well as the response that businesses and leaders need to make to enable sustained success.

If you would like to book Neil to do a keynote or virtual talk to your organisation, please send an email to

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