We have learned a great deal about leadership and teams through our experience of working with tens of thousands of leaders, and thousands of teams, in dozens of organisations.

We have put this learning to work and created a suite of tools that help us diagnose leaders and teams, which informs the design of the interventions we co-create together.

Our digital tools

Illustration of somebody completing Holos Authentic Leadership (HAL)

Holos Authentic Leadership Assessment (HAL)

Holos Authentic Leadership is our premium leadership assessment. Using a combination of free text scenario responses and sentence completion, HAL accurately assesses leaders against Boss, Ruler, Visionary and Authentic Leadership behaviours. Each report is individually assessed by qualified faculty members.

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Transformational Anarchist Quiz

The Transformational Anarchist Quiz is designed to identify those most comfortable with disruptive innovation, those most driven to come up with breakthrough ideas. If your organisation is looking to innovate, the TAQ helps you find the people most motivated to help.

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Post-Conventional Team Diagnosis

Unique amongst team diagnostics, the Holos Post-Conventional Team Diagnosis assesses specifically for the transformational team skills required in a post-conventional world. With frequency-based questions the Diagnosis is easy for the whole team to complete. The Report operates as both a diagnosis of current strengths and opportunities, and a route-map for improvement.

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Post-Conventional Leadership 360

The Holos Post-Conventional Leadership 360 assesses specifically for the transformational leadership skills required for successful post-conventional leadership. Frequency-based questions make the Assessment easy to complete. It has been used both as a self-assessment and in a 360 format. The Report operates both as a diagnosis of post-conventional strengths and development areas, and a route-map for improvement.

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Post-Conventional Facilitation

Complex problems mean that the right answers are increasingly emergent. Facilitation of teams who may be operating at the outer edge of their change capability requires patience, foresight, and skill. The Holos Post-Conventional Facilitation programme has been developed especially for experienced coaches and facilitators, independent or employed, to develop their skill in facilitating small and large groups where processes are not linear, where teams need support, and where the answers may be opaque.

Illustration of somebody using the Holos change digital toolkit

Coming Soon – Change Toolkit

Tired of the apparent contradiction that we can manage change – and need to lead it instead? Ever wish there was a process to help any leader, team, or group of teams, to diagnose, plan, iterate and learn about constant change as it happens? Feel like you need more help in how to deliver constant change, and a guide rail to assist? The Holos Change Toolkit is just that – an end-to-end, digital kit to help you deliver change – again and again.