Anand Bhatnager

Anand was talking to Mark Thompson

Who is Anand?

Anand currently works in the Corporate Learning and Development function of a Fortune global 500 company, based in Mumbai, India.

He has 25+ years of experience in the domains of Sales & Training, Leadership & Organisational Development and Change & Culture Building. 

A lot of Anand’s success is built on his deep faith, creating in him a determination to help others. As he says:

“Whatever I am today, and whatever I will ever achieve in my life is because of the unceasing prayers of my parents, the unconditional support of my partner for life and the ineffable love & smile of my daughter. I have built my life on the core values of Empathy, Gratitude, Generosity, Integrity and Vulnerability. My tag line is ‘Start Unknown; Finish Unforgettable’. I am passionate about making a positive difference and creating an impact in the lives of people, especially the youth.”

In addition to his corporate work, Anand delivers tireless pro-bono personal development workshops and sessions given from his free time, usually to church groups in rural India.

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