Dubbed as the “most forward looking conference for leadership development professionals”, this year’s event explored the concept of Sustained Success and how we can develop the leadership and culture needed in a disrupted world.

If you missed the event, don’t worry. Videos of the sessions are being uploaded to our YouTube channel on a weekly basis. Head over and enjoy!

What is Sustained Success?

Sustained Success is an approach to life, business, organisations and society which systematically prepares for the future, while effectively managing the present.

For individuals it involves a degree of discipline around our health, wellbeing and personal development, and rigour in our day to day activities.

For businesses and organisations it is about creating a culture where everyone understands the context, aligns around the cause and creates the conditions for operational excellence and strategic brilliance.

For society it is about education that prepares the next generation for a future we don’t understand, while also maximising the creativity and energy of adults to reduce the challenges for the next generation to face.

During Holocon2022, speakers, facilitators and participants will explore all of these areas and how we can create sustained success in our lives, organisations and communities.

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Speakers included:

  • Maria Ahlström-Bondestam – Chairman of Unicef International Counsel
  • Craig Fenton – Director of Strategy & Operations, Google
  • Lewis Pugh – UN Patron of the Oceans
  • Rhian-Marie Thomas – CEO, Green Finance Institute
  • Amelia Lopez Huix – Executive DEI Lead Advisor and UN Global Compact Target Gender Equality Implementation Partner
  • David Rodin – CEO, Principia
  • Lee Sankey – Founder, Door (Innovation Consultancy)
  • Nick Shackleton-Jones – CEO & Founder , Shackleton Consulting
  • Leon Taylor – Olympic Medalist & Co-founder, Adeki Performance
  • Mark Curtis – Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership, Accenture Interactive
  • Tim Mart – CEO & Co-Founder, Know You More
  • Roddy Millar – CEO, Ideas for Leaders
  • Gabor George Burt – Founder and Director, The Slingshot Group
  • Irina Fillipova – CEO, Electrada
  • Christina Vestey – Founder, Seed Community & She Evolves
  • Muna Abbas – Country Director, Plan International Jordan
  • Emma Wilson – Head of Communications, Emari
  • Henry Stewart – Chief Happiness Officer, Happy Ltd.

There were also facilitated sessions from faculty from around the world:

  • Rachel Kochany
  • Akiko Mega
  • Andy Brett
  • Angela Dellar
  • Mark Thompson & Phil Lowe
  • Matt Gregory & Tim Farish
  • Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones
  • Jon Harding
  • Ozge Koca 
  • Susan Mannlein & Richard Friend
  • Steve Hall 
  • Jesse Kraij 
  • Dr Julie Compton 
  • Gordon Mackenzie
  • Mark Denton

And many more!

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