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Everything is disrupted.
Every organisation needs to adapt.
Holos helps leaders be adaptable.

What We Offer

Holos means whole. Our expertise is leadership and cultural change across your whole organisation. We design and deliver bespoke learning experiences that break norms, stretch you and make sense of the future. The four most common start points in working with us are:

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Working with

Speaking to groups and teams on the forces shaping the global ‘ultra-change’ context.

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Strategic direction-setting on critical change levers – Context, Cause & Conditions.

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Leadership and Cultural

Designing and delivering leadership, cultural and team development programmes with impact.

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Helping leaders cope with ultra-change, overwhelm, stress and burnout.

Our Vision

Universal Authentic Leadership

We’re on a mission.

Authentic Leadership is the only superpower that can deliver sustained success on all levels. 

We have developed a system that can unlock this superpower.

By empowering authenticity in leadership, we enable extraordinary levels of collaboration and commitment that makes change easy.

Our vision is a world where Authentic Leadership is universally practiced, purposefully and successfully, in order to have a sustained positive impact on individuals, teams, organisations, countries and on humanity. 

Clients we Have worked with to transform

Holos has worked with energy clients on a post-oil future, tobacco on a post-smoke future, and healthcare to embrace digital and adapt to ageing. We are helping banks, pharma and oil companies to be more digital, more transformational and more sustainable.

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We knew we needed new skills but had to find the right partner to help us; who would be insightful but not teach, influential but not take over, practical but not run-of-the-mill. As well as being great guys who made the work fun and rewarding, in Holos we found a highly professional partner that is all of these things we were looking for. In less than a year Holos have helped us to transform our executives from managers focussed on reliability to leaders able to deliver transformation whilst continuing to deliver reliability.

Fadel AlFaraj
Managing Director – Q8 NW EUROPE


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