Who is Steve?

Steve is a facilitator of learning, a writer, a speaker and enthusiastic student of all things Leadership, Life and Humanity. He has worked in the field of Leadership development and team effectiveness for nearly three decades, and has a particular passion for Human Energy.

He is the co founder of Learning to Lead, and has worked with thousands of individual leaders and hundreds of teams to help them discover the importance of their own authentic battery packs, how to keep them charged, and how to build cohesive teams which make a genuine human difference in the organisations they serve. Steve is a proud associate of Lead with Humanity and designs and delivers unique Leadership immersions.

He is deeply inspired by the stories of real, authentic Leaders, and has just published his first book “Another set of lenses” which examines our paradigms and perceptions and how they shape our own stories. Steve remains fascinated by how Human Energy is most often the key to all Human performance. 

Experiences and passions

Steve has worked in the US with Stephen Covey and “The Seven Habits” and was part of a team which brought that franchise into Africa. These workshops provided platforms for diverse discussion during South Africa’s transition to democracy in 1994. He worked in China with an expedition/training company called “I Will Not Complain” which fuelled his interest in team effectiveness in 1995. He loves the work he does around immersions into the cities and the natural environment in Africa, and has developed numerous exciting and engaging experiences with his clients.

Steve is a highly enthusiastic golfer, a qualified tracker of animals, and a passionate oyster diver. He lives between Johannesburg and the haven of St Francis Bay in the E Cape. He is married to Cath, has a daughter Hannah, and a son Jonathan.


  • Standard Bank Group
  • IQ Business
  • Cisco Japan
  • Sanofi Pharma
  • SHA Insurance
  • Ultra Liquors
  • Lombard Insurance
  • Henley University Nordic
  • Henley University Finland
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)
  • Lux* Hotel group
  • Price Forbes


Steve has expertly guided our partner team at IQBusiness on our leadership journey over the last 3 years – not that we are slow on the take up, but because Steve keeps facilitating ways to expand our horizon, boost our energy and rise to the challenge as we continue to grow.

Adam Craker
CEO IQBusiness