Who is orlando

Orlando Gemignani is a professional HRD consultant with over 20 years of business leadership experience in the areas of Program Development, Corporate Training, Customer Service, Quality, Marketing, Public Relations. He is multi-lingual and has keen insight to the issues involved in international business based on his work and personal travel throughout the world (Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia). In recent years, Orlando has held several key strategic positions in the HRD world. Orlando is a proven and able team leader, trainer, researcher, and executive coach with an excellent track record of identifying business drivers and management needs and then designing and delivering targeted programs to address them. He was a member of a global team building practice that immediately improved all teams’ business performance and team behaviors. Some of Orlando’s specialties are: Executive Education Design and Facilitation, Vendor Negotiation, Internal Employee Communications, Organizational Architecture Design, Online Systems Deployment. Virtual training with different platforms (Webex, Skype, Zoom, MS Teams). In 2020 was nominated by ICF (International Coaching Federations) to lead a team on Social Justice, which provided direct input to the Board of ICF for Coach training redesign on Diversity and Inclusion philosophy and practice.

Experiences and passions

He has always found it interesting to approach each project with the enthusiasm of a novice in order to make sure he is always demonstrating from day one the desire to learn about the client and the current situation and potential future state in order to gain the most important ingredient of any relationship which is trust.  Orlando believes it is also always important to adjust and readjust any cultural and diversity perspective in the relationship to make sure there’s plenty of empathy practice along the way.

He is passionate about promoting Change and Innovation, especially to create new working atmospheres in which individuals can thrive and enhance productivity


  • Johnson & Johnson
  • AVON
  • ZF
  • Thyssen-Krupp
  • DuPont
  • PUMA
  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization – United Nations)
  • ITAU
  • Novartis
  • Bic


I had the chance to attend the FLL at J&J with Orlando in August,3th-2019. He demonstrated very strong knowledge throughout the days of training offering us new knowledge and refreshing concepts. I liked the way he conducted the course and manage the group during the activities being a great facilitator. Thank you, Orlando, to share us your knowledge and professionalism.

Leandro Fernandez
Manager Talent Acquisition, Takeda Pharmaceutical