Who is OLAF

As an international professional, Olaf draws on 20+ years in global FMCG/B2C organisations, print production houses, advertising, media and broadcasting networks, with a diverse track record in communication strategy, speech writing, brand building, brand activation, marketing and packaging materials. His vocational and academic background blends art with communication and personal development, being an educated Lithographer with a University Degree in Media and Communication and an ICF certification as a professional coach. 

Experiences and passions

Olaf mainly works with teams and individual clients in major transitions or at significant choice points. His coaching particularly appeals to clients who are open to an exploratory, reflective and deeply challenging approach; not so much about developing an immediate shift in specific behaviors, but about extending understanding and dealing with complex and paradoxical issues or dilemmas.

Through his work clients become more congruent with their lived experience, thus becoming clearer about who they are and developing skills for managing anxiety, ambiguity and complexity, enhancing self-responsibility and ownership of choice.

Although we can’t control the world around us, we are entirely free to choose our response to the contextual situation in which we find ourselves!