Who is NAOMI?

Naomi believes that when people access more of their potential, lean into change and better connect to their own purpose and that of their organisations, it unlocks the possibility to create lasting positive impact on their lives and the lives of others. Working as trusted advisor, coach, facilitator and consultant to leaders and Boards, she supports leaders in shaping the mindset and sustainable habits that will enable success for themselves and their organisations. This also means equipping people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to translate vision and intent into practice and creatively address real operational and strategic business challenges.

She works with a systemic lens, helping leaders to challenge the status quo, create perspective and remove barriers, perceived or real, to create an environment where people feel safe enough lead out of their comfort zone to embrace and put into practice positive change.

Experience and Passions

She has held leadership and Board roles in large and small organisations, been a Mckinsey consultant and, in her early career, a sales and marketing executive opening up new markets and supporting post-merger integration. For the past 18 years she has worked independently and collaboratively, in a variety of industries, cultures and languages to develop leaders and address strategic and operational business challenges, integrating systemic team coaching practices, strategic insight and operational expertise into her work with clients.  Clients value her incisive questions and creative insight as well as the mix of challenge and support she brings to each conversation.

What clients say

A calm and thoughtful reflection in an otherwise relentless world. Naomi’s natural calmness, combined with a world class mind and experience of having delivered and been accountable herself, results in a really valuable conversation, seeded with some excellent questions, which really challenge me to think deeply about what I do and how that needs to evolve as the business evolves. I would highly recommend Naomi to any Executive who has challenging objectives, demanding stakeholder and/or is seeking to move their organisation to the next level.

Ben Jeffs