Russell is a transformational coach and facilitator who has worked with hundreds of individuals and organisations all over the world be unleash their full potential.

Russell’s calm and loving approach creates a space for individuals and teams to get clarity and access their innate resources of inspiration, creativity and confidence. Russell is gentle and powerful. He is not afraid in look someone in the eye and tells them what they need to hear. He leads with love, generosity, integrity, intuition and presence.

Experiences and passions

Russell spent 17 years in various leadership roles for British Airways. His first role was being responsible for Concorde maintenance. From engineering, Russell’s career into leading technology-led transformations and business relationship management. Russell has since spent 15 years coaching teams and individuals to be their best selves. What unites every aspect of Russell’s career is people. He is passionate about people. Understanding what creates our human experience which helps us understand ourselves and others.

London born and bred Russell now lives in Cornwall with his family and when not re-engineering people and teams he enjoys re-engineering his old Land Rover as well as barefoot running on the cliffs.


  • British Airways
  • Crowdfunder
  • Falmouth University
  • Bluefruit Software
  • Inlight Cosmetics


Russell’s work with myself and members of the team was a crucial part of our growth. It allowed team members to think differently about their work and the world around them and reach new levels of performance.