Who is Paula?

From being thrown out of biker parties in Belfast for bad behaviour (!), to being invited into the C Suite of some of the world’s most successful companies, I’ve seen it all, heard it all…… and done more than my share of it! Having spectacularly crashed my own life into a wall in my twenties, I’ve had to re-invent, transform and completely turn around every aspect of who I am – I bring that deep lived experience and hard won empathy to my work.

Unshockable and unflappable, I’m renowned for being very direct, but equally kind– it’s tough love with a dose of Irish wit and charm! I know what it takes to truly change & can accurately diagnose what’s getting in the way. I love partnering with people who are willing to take themselves & their teams on, and create a future that speaks to their heart.

I make it my business to translate radical discoveries across many fields into viable methods for enhancing human performance, and our collective experience of life and work. 

experience & Passions

I’ve taught, observed, coached and given highly actionable feedback to hundreds of leaders and teams globally & taught leadership master-classes in over 25 countries. I’ve been helping senior teams and individuals to align on their purpose and values, resolve conflicts, execute strategy and accelerate performance for the last 20 years.

  • EXECUTAP – Senior Team Alignment Process Accredited
  • Strength Deployment Inventory Accredited
  • FIRO-B Accredited
  • Newfield Network & ICF accredited Executive Coach


  • Barclays Bank – 8 years
  • BP – 6 years
  • McKinsey – 6 years
  • WPP – 100+ companies – 6 years
  • Egon Zehnder – 4 years
  • Derwent – 4 years
  • Credit Suisse – 2 years
  • Bank of Ireland – 2 years
  • Lloyds – 3 years
  • Syngenta – 2 years


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Paula  for the past 7 years, both as a course facilitator and coach –  during my time at BP and at Barclays. She’s worked at multiple levels in both organisation, and I particularly relied on her with our most senior leaders. As an example she coached the CEO of one of our major business areas through a difficult transition process for him personally and for the organisation as a whole. 

I find that Paula has two particularly strong qualities as a senior level coach: first she’s highly flexible and adaptive to the environment, and able to strongly link with the business context and reality, and second she’s very honest and direct, with high levels of empathy. 

It has been a pleasure working with Paula and I highly recommend her as a coach to senior leaders.

Celia Berenguer
Chief Learning Officer