Who is Mark?

Mark is an experienced operational leader, change facilitator and coach.  He has worked globally throughout his career, delivering on a range of diverse and high profile engagements. Schooled in leadership on active service in the British Army, and enhanced by the education of the world since, he values reality, facts, skills, insight, courage and compassion.

To Holos Mark brings a systemic view and insight. He prides himself on a twin, complementary approach of bringing an accumulated lifetime of experience in change and leadership, mixed with a sort of astonished novice, which always keeps things fresh.

Mark lives in Devon, UK, with his family.  In quieter moments he loves landscape oil painting.

What is Holos for?

Mark Co-Founded Holos with Neil in 2014.  Holos is about more than helping businesses with an expert Faculty: it is a growing community of like minds who genuinely want to help solve the pressing problems we see all around us. Our way of helping is through coaching and improving leaders and teams to be more present, further looking, and effective. We see a growing opportunity for Universal Authentic Leadership across the world, which, given some of those problems, is actually the solution.

Recent Holos and personal clients include Astra Zeneca, Facebook, Q8, Shell, Kuwait Petroleum Companies, Astellas, Philip Morris, London Business School, Saudi Electricity Company, BP, Barclays Bank, and the UK National Health Service.


Mark’s charismatic style and his engaging personality assist in his ability to inspire as a presenter. His intuitive tact and diplomacy allow him to deal with openness at the highest level, promoting the degree of self-awareness required for meaningful and lasting individual and organisational change to be achieved. Given the option I would choose Mark above any other change agent I have ever worked with.

Andy Williams
Leadership Director