Who is Brett

Brett is a founder, culture consultant, author, speaker and passionate student of the human condition. He has worked in the field of culture development for over ten years, and has a particular interest in the Future of Flexible Work. He is the founder of CultureGene, working with forward-thinking companies to improve hybrid and remote work performance by leveraging strategy and culture.

Brett has worked with individual leaders and teams to help them transform culture into an asset inside their organization. CultureGene’s USP comes from the fact that Brett first started working with remote work companies back in 2018, way before remote work was cool. Brett has published two books on company culture: Culture Decks Decoded and Own Your Culture. He is the creator of the Hybrid Management Training Program. A program focused on hybrid culture, collaboration and people management based on remote work best practices. 

Experiences and passions

Brett found his passion for organizational culture while leading an executive search practice in London. The search processes that ran the smoothest and had the best outcomes for everyone concerned were those where the CEO and leadership team had a clear understanding of their company’s culture.

Brett started helping his clients with culture development and values-based hiring as part of the executive search service. In 2017 Brett setup CultureGene to focus on organizational culture. He was compelled to study remote work companies after working with Hotjar, a fully remote software company in 2018. He spent 14 months digging deep into remote work companies like GitLab, Buffer, Zapier, Doist and Toptal to understand what made them successful. Brett used the learning from his research to develop the Hybrid Management Training Program. Brett combines a deep understanding of remote work and organizational culture to help companies thrive in the complex world of flexible work. Brett spends his down time with his wife Monica and their two children building sandcastles on the beach and looking for wolves and dinosaurs in the forests of Sintra.


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CultureGene’s approach to building a more collaborative and inclusive culture was brilliant. Our company is now more integrated and working together more effectively than ever before. We are also seeing the results from the work we’ve done embedding the behaviors. The CultureGene process works – it’s as simple as that.

Paul Nixon
CEO, LGT Vestra