Who is ANAND

Anand Bhatnagar (AB) is an agile and enthusiastic learning professional driven by his commitment to constantly learn & improve. He believes that ‘Today is the slowest day of his life and the first day for the rest of his life; his today’s preparation will give him his tomorrow’s performance’.

He is passionate about empowering, enabling, engaging, motivating, & leading people to shape their tomorrow and provide the ‘wind beneath their wings to guide them to be the best version of themselves; to build their Leadership capabilities; to assist them to soar high in their pursuit to go onwards & upwards in their life’.

His tag line is ‘Start Unknown; Finish Unforgettable’.

Experiences and passions

Professionally, he has 25+ years of experience in the areas of Leadership & Managerial Skills Development, Organizational Development, Capability Development, Business and Channel (Distribution) Development, Sales Management, Sales Training, Training on Life skills (Soft skills), Change Management & Culture Building. 

His Leadership competencies are adaptability, strategic planning & execution, role modelling – leading by example, enthusiastically collaborating to achieve business objectives, Influencing & persuasion skills. 

His Functional competencies are reliability, problem-solving & decision making, business acumen, communication – listening, probing, presentation skills, agility, and adaptability. 

Core competencies – result orientation – bottom-line focused. people skills – working with & through others, and customer centricity.


  • Max New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • HCL Technologies Ltd.
  • Reliance Industries Ltd. (Currently serving)