To Anarchists, change is both a necessary step and vehicle towards achieving a future vision or state – a journey towards adaptability.

You’re prepared to break entire business models in order to deliver a vision. Anarchists horizon-scan trends and suggest changes of their own volition. You will influence inside and outside the system to achieve this. You are unlikely to worry about standing out or seeming to be different, because the business purpose is more important than your status. You don’t see legacy processes or historical decisions as important and can throw out some good stuff with the bad because of this. You are probably highly authentic in style and find it easy to inspire and engage others; your nature is to work collaboratively, start small and quickly, then experiment and iterate in a state of ‘permanent beta’. This may be frustrating to some. Your focus is usually in putting systemic behaviours and habits (culture) before processes, as you see this as the gateway to the changes you need.

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