Who is Scott

Scott has over 10 years experience delivering culture and behaviour change either in a sporting environment or at all levels of business. His experience has taught him high performing sports teams have so much in common with a high performing business and that everyone has the ability to change. My huge passion outside of my consultancy is golf.

Experiences and passions

His huge passion outside of his consultancy is golf. He is a professional golfer and have enjoyed playing at a high level for a number of years alongside a small amount of coaching. He particularly enjoys coaching junior and beginner golfers, helping them engage and enjoy the sport of golf more.


  • Network Rail
  • Derbyshire Institute of Sport
  • Amey
  • BT
  • National Highways
  • Portakabin
  • ISS


Scott and I have worked together for several years at Network Rail. Scott has a strong understanding and knowledge of culture change, engagement, communication, leadership development and health and safety. He is a highly talented facilitator who is engaging, responsive and agile in the way he works with teams of varying demographics. He shows considerable skill in changing his approach for those with whom he works. Scott uses his knowledge and skills to create effective training and development interventions which he delivers in a way that takes people on a learning journey that they own and which therefore creates much greater impact. Scott is creative and adaptable within his work which means he is able to rapidly learn and change where new approaches are needed. He is a highly competent coach who consistently supports others to make significant positive changes in their mindsets and therefore their working lives. Scott is also courageous in his ability to challenge and make others think differently and is skilled at doing this in a way that is received well and as learning. As a colleague Scott is a great team player, supportive and thoughtful with contributions that enhance any teams working.

Lynn Chamberlain-Clark
Culture Lead GBRTT