Who is James

James is a transformational coach, business consultant and passionate advocate of helping organisations discover and implement the art of the possible and has worked with organisations of all sizes from the public, private and third sectors.

Supporting leaders to identify and articulate the changes they wish to achieve and then working through their people to create the skills, abilities and cultures, processes and systems necessary to empower them to deliver and sustain those changes, is where James brings real value. People are his passion, helping them do what they do but better by bringing more of their true self to the table is his mission.

Experiences and passions

James has over 25 years of experience working with and for leaders of every size, shape, belief and background and has tried to create, develop, rescue and/or implement some level of change with all of them with the complete spectrum of success and failure!

A keen cyclist, naturalist and sportsman, James spends as much of his time as possible outdoors and is currently researching how to become a qualified coach in a number of sports that his children are now beginning to play as a blatant excuse to spend more time with them.


  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Network Rail
  • HS2
  • Dell
  • Babcock’s Defence and Security Division
  • Jet Stream Int
  • Barclays Bank
  • Bristol Royal Infirmary A&EDept
  • Taylor Woodrow
  • Claritas
  • Harrow and Hillingdon NHS Trust
  • Leeds Local Authority
  • Trustmarque Solutions
  • 100+ Primary Schools


James brings an ability to walk into any company at any level and establish credibility and trust quicker than anyone I have ever known. He has invariably been parachuted into situations in need of urgent help and where extensive stakeholder management is required to help multiple parties reach an agreed way forward from a starting position of little if any trust and has a demonstrable track record of helping them deliver their goals. His ability to motivate and inspire people at all levels of an organisation to perform better is outstanding. Whenever he has represented my company he has always added value and his desire to support both clients and members of my own company always means that he leaves behind him a better situation than he first walked in to.

Ed Johnson
CEO & Co-Founder, Fishbone Solutions