Who is Gordon?

I have spent my life and dedicated most of my career to servant and authentic leadership; either aspiring to it or helping others achieve it. I love seeing people, teams and organisations grow, achieve their objectives and win and helping them in some small way on their journey.  As such I have worked in the field of human performance and leadership across a range of industries sectors and sports.   Today I primarily operate as a coach, and leadership consultant and like all of the Holos faculty share a passion for helping to build ethical organisations that are authentic and courageous in their decisions and actions.  

I started my career in 1984 with a commission into the Royal Marines and led teams operationally in challenging and sometimes dangerous situations. This gave me a unique insight and understanding of human behaviour under stress led me afterwards into senior management roles in a number of organisations including health, management consulting, financial services, and the chemical sector.

When not working I am a lover of this rich and beautiful planet and as a passionate diver and photographer I am trying my hardest to explore as much of it as possible and protect what remains of our reefs and natural environment. A Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, I also hold an MBA from Warwick University, a diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy and Stress Management, and am a qualified executive and performance coach and PCS Master trainer.  


Client assignments have allowed me to develop my international understanding of diverse cultures and I have lived and worked in 26 countries. I have supported clients at operational and strategic levels in a wide range of different industries. These include high risk sectors likes Nuclear, O&G, and Emergency services through to central & Local governments, banking, FMCG, media and also in sport where most notably in the field of World Rally and Formula 1 where individual and team performance are critical to success.

What clients say

Gordon’s approach is characterised by utmost integrity and credibility. He brings his calm perspective and objectivity to the assignment, but does not shy away from bold thinking and fresh direction.

Dominic Allon