Who is Akiko

Akiko is a consultant and coach helping global organizations to make better sense of a changing world, create larger impact in the local market, and empower local talent to reduce barriers to become better leaders.

Akiko’s experience leading organizations through culture change, M&A, and market entry gives her first-hand appreciation of the complexity of leading in cultures and environments that differ from those that leaders have known. She brings her business leadership experience in Asia, her insight as a consultant, and coaching as a transformation process to help clients to navigate through challenges and create the change needed to respond intelligently- and sustainably. 

With her professional roots in design, Akiko approaches most challenges through the lens of design. How can we design or redesign for a better outcome, leave the world better than we found it, and give people a little (or a lot!) more joy in the process?

Experiences and passions

Raised in Texas and suburban New York, and coming into adulthood in Tokyo and Paris, Akiko has a particular passion for language, and what happens when culture, behaviors, beliefs, communication are layered. She is fascinated by the body as a massive repository and generator of information, and how the layers create conditions, perceptions, and permission for individuals to express themselves and to perform in a given environment. 

A former art director, vestiges of her approach to design is visible in her consulting and problem solving. Her studies in theatre/performance/dance lend her specific approaches to research, observation, and analysis of people and group dynamics. Continued learning of yogic thinking and a meditation practice give her context to the mind-body connection and how we work with neuroscience today.

She works with clients in North America, Asia, and Europe from Hokkaido Japan, where nature is accessible lockdown or not.


  • Microsoft 
  • NatWest Markets
  • Kyriba
  • And many others