A change agent likes change, seeing it as a necessary medium to create a better way of doing things through shared ownership.

You understand change is constant and never-ending, and will deliver through developing innovative step-changes to existing structures or models. You’re likely to see change as an opportunity to improve the whole organisation or system. While you may occupy a change role, you might also be operational. Change Agents are likely to suggest changes from their own observations and motivations, and will seek data to influence others why this is a necessary business change. You may consider your political position before suggesting significant change, but where the changes seem to be self-evident, your motivations will flip into a values-based reasoning – ’the right thing to do’. Change Agents are less concerned by following models and focus more on engaging people across the system because you understand true change cannot happen without the buy-in and participation of others. Change Agents will welcome new ideas and suggestions and create motivated change teams to ensure your plans are delivered in meaningful ways with higher success rates.

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