Why future-proof your facilitation?

At Holos, we specialise in helping organisations create the kind of culture that will deliver sustained success in a disrupted environment.  Digitisation, decarbonisation, the ageing population, the need for sustainability, the new space race and of course the pandemic are disrupting every sector.

Authentic leadership is the only superpower that can enable sustained success for organisations and societies in this environment. 

As facilitators, this requires us to not only teach skills but to create a mindset within teams and individuals that is based on inter-dependence, collaboration, and innovation underpinned by psychological safety. We need to support people to get outside of their comfort zone, be vulnerable and step beyond what feels safe and what they know. 

As organisations and leadership transform, we as facilitators need to reliably role model authentic leadership to help our clients to understand it and live it, through all of the stress, stretch and challenge.

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Next course commences:
April 26 – June 24, 2022
Space is limited to 18 participants

The programme takes place over the course of approximately two and a half months with ½ day opening and closing sessions as well as 4 full-day sessions during the period.

The details

What will you get from the programme?

  • Richer value for your clients and executive teams who are leading transformation 
  • Leading-edge strategies, with insights, tools, and methods to better assist your clients 
  • The ability to master ambiguity with awareness and skill, for yourself and others 
  • Links and connections to a community of practice, with challenging and loving new friends and peers 
  • New ways of thinking about self, team and systemic leadership 

What will be covered in the programme?

  • A cutting-edge personal Facilitation 360 report followed by debrief by one of the Holos faculty 
  • The opportunity to have real-time feedback on your personal facilitation style and impact in order to take it to the next level 
  • 4 main blocks of content, dealing with: 
    • A deep dive into the post-conventional context and what this means for facilitators and facilitating 
    • Frameworks for design, contracting, opening, visioning and closing 
    • Mastery of agility, presence and dealing with individual and group process, especially emotional triggering 
    • Applications, practice and hacks that enable you to work with colleagues to transform your facilitation
  • In addition to joining self-directed small learning pods, you will also embark on a personal change project unique to your own needs and level of development.

Who is it suitable for?

  • You feel almost at the top of your game and know that there is more to master in working in the post-conventional context
  • You have experience facilitating teams in corporate, public or third sector organisations 
  • You are working as an independent or are employed by an organisation 
  • You are an authentic facilitator working towards purpose-driven outcomes in your own career 
  • You would like more practice and structure for working in emergent, non-linear ways, especially with senior teams

The Framework

Example Schedule: 

Opening: Tuesday, April 26 (8:30 am – 12:30 pm)
Focus 1: Friday, April 29 (8:30 am – 17:00 pm)
Focus 2: Friday, May 13 (8:30 am – 17:00 pm)
Focus 3: Friday, May 27 (8:30 am – 17:00 pm)
Focus 4: Friday, June 10 (8:30 am – 17:00 pm)
Closing: Friday, June 24 (8:30 am – 12:30 pm)
*All times are UK GMT

The programme lasts approximately two and a half months from beginning to end. There is an application process and once confirmed, you will embark on the Facilitation 360 in order to get a clear understanding of where your opportunities to improve lie. A rich 1:1 debrief session with a Holos Faculty facilitator will assist you in setting your goals for the programme.
Graph showing the Future-Proof Facilitation programme framework
Graph showing the Future-Proof Facilitation programme framework
The Opening session will take place virtually over a ½ day with all participants and facilitators where you will discuss the core concepts and get orientated. Participants will be grouped into pods of 5 or 6 for the duration.

Then there will be 4 x 1-day virtual sessions on the key focus areas: Being Post-Conventional, Connecting & Triggering, Structure & Hacks and Impact. Between the sessions you will be encouraged to meet virtually, as a learning pod for self-directed learning and peer support.

Throughout you will be working on an individual “Personal Change Project” to embody the goals that you set in the pre-programme phase for yourself.

And finally, during the Closing Session, a ½ day virtual get-together, there will be a peer review and you will receive your certification.

After the programme is over, you can incorporate FPF into your own practice and continue to work on your Personal Change Project. All participants will be invited to join the Holos Community of Practice as well as Holocon, Holos’ annual virtual conference.

The crucible of experience

The Holos Future-Proof Facilitation faculty have worked at the edge of facilitation for many years, working in some of the most challenging corporate environments of the last decade. Collectively we share more than 200+ years of such facilitation experience working successfully with leaders, teams, and systems.

We do not claim to have all the answers and look in every encounter to share and develop our knowledge of how to have better impact and collaboration. Future-Proof Facilitation is no exception.

The facilitators

About Holos

Holos is a virtual consultancy specialising in Leadership, Culture and Change. We have zero offices or employees and 150 brilliant partner level members.

Our origins are in supporting BP and Barclays culture change projects since 2010. Holos was formed in response to consolidate and offer a new way to deliver organisational change, as well as offer our learning and expertise to other clients.

We believe transformation occurs at the habit level. We work with senior teams, through a combination of coaching and workshops to design their target culture and embody the habits that will enable it.  We continue to work with those teams to enrol the rest of the organisation.

Holos runs projects ranging from single team to whole organisation and cultural transformation.  

Our USP is in the Post-Conventional Context – we help conventional organisations transform to deliver Sustained Success in these uncertain times of constant change.

Next course commences:
April 26 – June 24, 2022
Space is limited to 18 participants

The programme takes place over the course of approximately two and a half months with ½ day opening and closing sessions as well as 4 full-day sessions during the period.